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Custom Cabinets in Bowmanville, ON

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Custom Cabinets in Bowmanville, ON: Creating useful and beautiful spaces is important when it comes to the functionality of your home or business. One way that you are able to elevate your space is with the addition of custom cabinets. Cabinets offer storage for clients, add visual appeal to spaces, and offer additional value to properties. The overall property value can be affected by the inclusion of custom cabinetry, which is a bonus that comes with our professional services! The accumulated industry knowledge that we have to offer sets us apart from competitors, along with our industry-low rates.


Kitchens can benefit from functional and well-organized storage solutions! The addition of custom cabinetry to your kitchen space is known to accelerate the value of homes. Not only will you see a return in investment through the value of your property, but also you are sure to see an increase in function when utilizing the room. Kitchens are known to be the heart of the home; they are high traffic areas that benefit from a functional flow. We offer complete custom cabinetry installations to help the overall functionality of your space while adding design and flair to your abode.


Bathrooms are not cookie-cutter when it comes to their footprint. Bathroom storage can become challenging when the space allocated to the room is tight or awkwardly shaped. Custom cabinetry offers a solution for customers who are looking to get the most out of their bathrooms! Our custom comprehensive packages deliver real options for those suffering from a lack of options. Stock cabinetry is not pliable; it can not be altered to fit all locations, and has a challenging time fitting the needs of all consumers. If you find yourself in a sticky situation and need a solution, we can offer options.


When you are looking for the right custom cabinetry choice for your space there are a few things to consider. One of the things that you will want to consider is the material! We offer a variety of different wood solutions that can be stained and designed to fit your space. Wood offers a variety of different colour options, accents various décors and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. From oak to maple, cherry and hickory, your custom cabinetry options are seemingly endless! Contact us today to find the right option for your custom cabinetry needs.

Custom Fit

Your entire home is a canvas in which you can find appropriate areas to install custom cabinetry. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for your individual space. Living rooms and recreational spaces can benefit from the organization that cabinetry offers. Bedrooms offer us a place to rest our heads, spend the night and relax. If your bedroom suffers from a lack of storage or limited functionality, you might want to consider the introduction of custom cabinetry to your space. Our custom cabinets offer a revitalization of your space leading to improved overall satisfaction with your space!


Custom Cabinets

Not only do your kitchen cabinets determine how you will organize kitchen necessities, but they also set the stage in the design of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinet replacement is a large investment. You must make the right choice. Choosing from the latest cabinet designs can be risky. What might be on-trend now, can look dated over time? By choosing wisely, you will have a kitchen that remains beautiful and up-to-date for years to come.

We have taken the time to analyze which custom cabinets are trendy and still timeless. Check out this list of classic looks that will stay on-trend.

Custom Color
Homeowners no longer desire one size fits all options for kitchen design. The most effective way to make a bold statement is with color. Custom color cabinets will provide the most contemporary look for your kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinets add personality and style. Custom colors can set your kitchen apart and make a bold statement. Being able to repaint these cabinets is a bonus. You will save money in the long run by not having to replace them. Neutral colors provide a modern but classic statement. An open pantry cabinet also looks great with custom color application. For the freshest look we recommend the following shades:


Choose from three major color categories.
Light tones offer a soft, simple clean look that is timeless.
Medium tones are the most common.
Dark shades are bold and create drama as well as unsurpassed luxury.

Textured Finishes
Wood is a material that is and always will be a leading choice for custom cabinets. The beautiful grain lines in exotic woods add visual interest. Textured cabinetry is very popular. Darker woods give a more modern appeal.

High Gloss
High Gloss Kitchen cabinets are very modern kitchen cabinets. A bonus is that they are super easy to clean with a soft damp cloth. The reflective surface of the high gloss finish enhances the color or texture of your cabinetry.

Two-Tone Finishes
There will be nothing builder-grade about your kitchen if you choose to go with the two-toned finish. There are a couple of approaches to achieve this look. Two-tone finishes work well for bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinetry.

1.High and Low Effect
With the high and low effect, select a color for upper cabinets and choose a different color for your lower cabinets. To keep the look fresh but timeless, choose colors that complement each other.. Achieve a polished look with a deep rich shade on lower cabinets and the same color in a much lighter shade on the upper cabinets. Opting for white on the top cabinets also works well.

2.Two-Tone Effect
This style of cabinetry has a two-tone effect in which the cabinet surface is one color and the cabinets are a different color. To get a timeless look, steer away from kitchen cabinets with repeating colors. These can appear too busy. Another look that works amazingly well is using one color for the frame and another for the cabinets and doors.

Modern Rustic
For a unique high-end look go for a modern rustic design. Rustic cabinetry paired with modern appliances and contemporary countertops creates a kitchen that is modern and still warm and inviting. A modern rustic look is a great option for a pantry cabinet as well.

Whitewashed Wood
Whitewashed wood is a repeated feature of top European kitchen design. The lightened wood grain has a high-end appearance that will remain fresh and modern for many years.

Floating Cabinets
Floating cabinets offer a memorable contemporary effect. Floating lower cabinets allow more open space and will showcase your floor. Not only is the look contemporary but it is also very functional and ergonomic. The storage area of lower cabinets can be difficult to get to for those with back problems. Floating lower cabinets sit a little higher up. Lighting can be added below the cabinets to cast a nice modern glow.

Bamboo Wood
Sustainability will always be in style. Installing ow-VOC Bamboo cabinetry is a great way to go green. Bamboo grows very quickly. Using this wood creates less deforestation. Real Bamboo is harder and more durable than Oak. ou will want solid bamboo cabinets that are of high quality. Do not use ply or veneer. High-quality bamboo cabinets last and look new for years.

Integrated Appliance Cabinetry
Integrated Appliance Cabinetry is designed with the intent of installing appliances to fit so seamlessly that they almost disappear into the design. This has been done for many years with stoves or ovens. The request for designs with dishwashers and refrigerators is becoming more frequent. To achieve the streamlined look, custom panels are fitted onto the appliances. This provides uninterrupted sightlines for a look that is cohesive and elevated.

Transitional Styling
The concept of transitional styling with kitchen cabinetry is not new. It is one, however, that has become a mainstay. The methods of this styling vary. The results can be subtle or dramatic. The transitional style is a mix of minimalism and traditional styling such as industrial hardware on white traditional style cabinets. It is perfect for something that provides comfort but is also interesting.

Tech Style Cabinetry
It should come as no surprise that technology has made its way into kitchen design. These days we simply can not break away from our electronic devices. Cabinetry design has evolved to meet our modern-day needs. At a minimum, modern cabinetry design should include a charging station. Some kitchens are often used while working or for media learning and entertainment. The most high-tech kitchen and bathroom cabinets today have wireless devices built directly into them.

Over the last few years, custom cabinetry design has undergone many changes. This is a result of rapid changes in customer taste and the rapid growth of technology. Presently the trend is about personalization. More than anything, homeowners want a look that is unique and personal. There are some great options available to you if you are planning to renovate your kitchen or build a new home.

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