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Bowmanville - Clarington General Contracting & Renovations

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April Willoughby
April Willoughby
Way better than my husband could have done. Thank you so much for our basement renovation.
Suzanne Holmes
Suzanne Holmes
Our interior renovations you've done are perfect. Thank you for taking the time, care and attention into ensuring our renovation was completed on time and on budget.
Phil Eaves
Phil Eaves
Wow, we are blown away with the design and quality of our kitchen renovation. Thank you very much.
Matthus Sharpe
Matthus Sharpe
BEST GENERAL CONTRACTOR in Bowmanville-Clarington area - these guys have an excellent team of professionals. Thank you so much.
Annie Crawford
Annie Crawford
Outstanding renovation in our Kitchen. We couldn't be happier… Your service team were excellent to work with.

Bowmanville - Clarington
General Contracting & Renovations

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contracting & Renovations - No matter what type of renovation you are looking for, our team is equipped to help with the process. Choose Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor when it comes to investing in your property, it is important to find a qualified and proven provider. We take care of our community members by offering high quality, competitively priced services for kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other interior renovations.

Find the right product for your residential or commercial space today by calling our customer care agents at the number listed.

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor

Through deep listening and inquiry, we will be able to identify your needs and offer an affordable and efficient solution.

About Us 

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor - Our founders have over 20 years of experience and were able to identify an opportunity to help local residents in and around Bowmanville, Clarington, Ajax, Whitby, Newcastle, and Pickering areas and create a company that truly solves this problem. Our entire team of contractors is qualified and licensed to work within our community and holds the skills necessary to complete highly competent work. We offer highly skilled services for affordable prices in and around Bowmanville, Clarington, and surrounding areas. We have found that our consultation service offers our customers the opportunity to voice their needs and understand our qualifications. We invest in our team and our community; this commitment is lasting and seen through our continuous actions.

General Contracting in Bowmanville ON
Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor
Our Services

We have been proudly serving our community since 2012 leaving satisfied customers and outstanding contracting results in our wake. We will continue to champion our growth by adding qualified contractors to our team and updating our professional tools to meet the high standards of our customers. Each and every service that we provide is completed to the best of our ability, from kitchen renovations to bathrooms, basement, custom cabinets, and general work. Call today for your no-pressure consultation or to initiate your quote for our comprehensive contractor services.

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor
Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor
General Contracting in Bowmanville

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor - Kitchens hold the heart of the home and are vessels in which we can create memories, make beautiful food, and spend time with loved ones. Kitchens are generally high-traffic spaces in homes, which can come under disrepair due to this level of use. Whether your kitchen needs a decade update or some help to improve the function, we are here to help! Our team is equipped with state of the art tools and ready to tackle your kitchen renovation today. Do not hesitate to book your no-pressure consultation or gather a comprehensive quote from our team!

Bathrooms are utilized every day for most families and businesses, this constant use can lead to a deteriorated condition and a loss in value if not maintained. Taking advantage of our bathroom renovation option is a great way to keep your bathroom updated, valuable, and functioning. Our packages are comprehensive and offer individualization to fit your unique needs. Bathroom renovations conducted by our team are done with precision and always completed by licensed and insured professionals. Our years of industry experience have provided us with the opportunity to update hundreds of rooms. We are true masters of our craft and will continue to evolve as time and techniques allow.

Bowmanville Renovation Contractor
Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor
Kitchen Renovations in Bowmanville, ON

Our basements offer a great opportunity for homeowners to expand their recreation space, add additional storage, and offer office space or even guest rooms for visitors. We are simply here to facilitate the transformation of your usable basement space into the desired outcome. Our team consists of true professionals who are armed with industry-leading tools, able to complete the job with efficiency and precision and truly love what they do. You are sure to see a difference between our craftsmanship and our competitors; this difference is noticeable due to our attention to details and extensive industry experience.

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor - Cabinetry found in all rooms is a great tool that offers residential and commercial clients storage, function and visual appeal. By adding custom cabinetry to your space you are able to increase the value associated with the space while adding true craftsmanship to the room. We deliver unparalleled results to offices, bedrooms, dens, bathrooms, and kitchens. To receive your individual quote we suggest calling our customer care line today!

Basement Upgrade in Bowmanville Ontario
Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor
Basement Renovations in Bowmanville, Ontario

Bowmanville - Clarington General Contractor - Our entire staff is trained, licensed, and insured to complete general contractor work in Ontario. We ensure that the health and safety of our team members are kept at the forefront of our attention through all projects undertaken. Our skills are not limited to the renovation of bathrooms, kitchens, or basements but instead, they include true craftsmanship throughout the entirety of your personal or commercial space. We offer a variety of general contractor services for residents of Bowmanville and Clarington to take advantage of.

The interior living area of your home can be reimagined with the help of our contractor service. We are equipped to completely transform your interior spaces, and with one simple call or click you can begin your very own interior renovation. Our team is seasoned with years of industry experience, offers creativity and innovation when solving problems and is consistently praised for our high customer service experience.

“The skill and experience the team brought to the table really impressed me. I would definitely use their services again!“ - Tanya S.

“Finding an affordable and good contractor is hard. We saw the work the team did at a friend's home and were even more impressed after meeting with the team. We would recommend their custom cabinetry to anyone who is looking for top tier results.” Harold E.

“Renovating our house was probably the most stressful thing my husband and I had ever gone through. This time we needed to update our kitchen and commissioned the team. They were amazing! I did not have the nightmare I experienced with the team at the wheel.” Karen P.

Contacting our team is simple; with one call or click you will be directed to our customer service agents who are ready to answer your questions. Once we are able to assess your needs, we are glad to offer our free-consultation or set up a meeting with our contracting quote specialists.

General Contractor

A master artisan or general contractor is a construction expert with the know-how to oversee building construction from the start to completion. The expert is also responsible for coordinating transport and logistics as well as safeguarding the project site to ensure the safety of workers. Depending on the scale of the project at hand, some of the roles can be delegated to a subcontractor. Here are some of the key benefits of hiring a master artisan for your upcoming project:
• Save money
• Access to a wider builder network
• Knowledge of building codes and regulations
• License and insurance coverage

The master artisans have the knowledge and expertise to complete a project under different conditions, including inclement weather. This capability helps prevent expensive downtime while ensuring the subcontractors and laborers complete the work on time. Master builders also have access to a vast network of suppliers and subcontractors. From this vast pool, the artisans can look for competitive bids, whose trickle effect can translate to huge savings to the homeowner.

Master artisans must obtain necessary license from authorized state boards as a condition to undertake substantial housing renovation and development projects. The artisans also need liability insurance to cover the workers in case of an accident. A seasoned artisan knows the local building codes and regulations and the importance of creating a safe working environment. This knowledge is crucial in seeking building approvals and passing inspection.

Things to consider when hiring a general contractor
Picking a master artisan is a crucial first step in the house renovation and building process. Hiring the right personnel for the job will give you a peace of mind and save you valuable time and money. Most experts are hired following the recommendations of site engineers and architects. Here are some of the factors to consider when hiring the expert for an upcoming project:

1. Work experience
You can easily identify a master artisan with the ability to complete a project successfully by analyzing critical factors like work ethics, safety record and workmanship. You should also remember to check the artisan’s portfolio and record of past completions. If are still uncertain on whom to hire, get referrals from satisfied customers, building professionals or real estate magazines and other resources. The professional must be well-versed with the local industry.

2. Effective communication
Effective communication is a desired attribute in any trade as it promotes interpersonal relationship. A master builder with good communication skills can translate complex ideas to different players in the building industry. From the exchanges, clients, engineers and architects will get crucial project updates and insights that can help improve the project outcome.

3. Sound financial health and responsibility
To gain full confidence in the master artisan, always look at their financial health. A financially responsible builder will bear the cost implications associated with house building. For instance, a client can request a bond as a commitment to establish the builder’s financial strength and adherence to best industry practices. It is also important to watch for the red flags to avoid losing money or getting something you did not bargain for. This can easily happen if the builder is offering a very low quote or asking for money upfront in a manner that is not sincere.

4. Ability to assemble resources
It is also important to assess the contractor’s resources to gauge their ability to complete a project. An entity with adequate resources at their disposal will have sufficient manpower, financial muscle and network of subcontractors to handle projects of different scope and magnitude. A resourceful subcontractor will also ensure all the necessary permits are obtained in a timely manner from the relevant authorities to ensure the project runs smoothly. Contractors with full-service departments like in-house drafting unit enjoy greater control over the projects under their supervision. This is especially true when it comes to project timelines, cost and other processes.

5. Ability to offer valued technical insights
Hiring a building expert with deep construction-specific expertise is crucial in all phases of project planning and execution. A good building supervisor will work closely with engineers and architects and bring insightful perspectives that can be used to advance the project. The recommendations can also go a long way to prevent common pitfalls present in home building such as water piping issues and incorrect sizing of HVAC components.

Home planning and development steps
House renovation and building can be overwhelming if you do not have the necessary skills. However, hiring a renovation contractor can go a long way to ease your concerns since the supervisor is well-placed to assemble the required labor, subcontractors and building companies. Here are key planning and development stages of constructing a home:

Building design – during the design phase, the architect joins the master artisan in analyzing the entire cost of the project and materials at the prevailing market rates. During the design phase, the team will oversee the project bidding process, design development and contract signing. The team charged with renovating or erecting the building will also ensure the project design meets the set, local building regulations and codes.

Pre-construction – during this phase, the materials and manpower required to complete the projects are enlisted for assessment. The team members are listed alongside their respective roles. The key teams include: project manager, on-site building superintendent and field engineer. If needed, the project manager will speak on various issues touching on the project. The field engineer, on the other hand, mostly manages the paper work needed in building development and performs site investigation to ensure safety.

Procurement – the procurement process is highly critical in ensuring successful project completion. The main stages are contract signing between the building owners and seller and procurement of particulars such as materials, equipment and labor. This pivotal role can be supervised by a master artisan or project manager.

Project commencement – the project commencement marks the start of many developmental stages, including preparation of storage location, site access and apportioning of the handyman working hours. Depending on the scale of the building under development, the process may include installation of underground utilities, erection of steel frames and concrete pouring.

Post-construction – once the building is complete, the building owner and master artisan will walk through the project to assess the paint work and make changes where necessary. The assessment will also cover replacement of broken fixtures, i.e. tiles and malfunctioning faucets. Lastly, the architect will be asked to provide a certificate of completion before signing out the project.

A home improvement project can go a long way to create a conducive living environment and increase the value of your property. When you are ready to undertake house renovation, you are best advised to assemble a dependable team of architect, engineer, handyman and master artisan. Getting it right from the word go will save you money; ensure quality workmanship and guarantee timely home improvement completion.

The choice of building company also matters when it comes to work quality. Recommendations about a general contractor near me and construction companies near me can be obtained through friendly referrals. The contact details and testimonials of your local real estate companies can also be obtained online. Once you have the contacts, call the company representatives to get a quote and answers to pertinent issues regarding the project. If you are up in Sudbury check out our friends at Remodeling Sudbury.


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