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Basement Renovations in Bowmanville, ON

Stairs To Empty Storage Room in Basement

Basement Renovations in Bowmanville, ON: Basements are great spaces that can generally be amended to fit the individual needs of families or businesses. We offer help in the renovation process for basements big and small! Our team is equipped to handle the demolition of existing structures, the restoration of cabinets, and a variety of other aspects involved in renovations. Working with our team offers clients a customer-focused experience in which we are able to alleviate problems and create beautiful and functional spaces. From top to bottom your basement will be revitalized, repurposed and become the space that you have dreamed of.

Adding an Extra Bedroom

A popular step for homeowners to take with their basement space is to turn the area into a functional bedroom. Adding a bedroom to your home will increase the overall value associated with the property, offer functionality or deliver an area for guests. We are able to assess the current layout of your basement space, offer a creative and affordable solution for renovations and deliver a superior finished product. You are sure to enjoy your experience with our team as each member is fully licensed and insured to complete the tasks at hand in your basement renovation.


If you are not currently utilizing your basement space there are options that will help reimagine your unused space. When considering your options it is important to keep in mind the usefulness of the space. We offer creative options that deliver solutions for customers throughout our community and beyond. A gym could be the perfect fit to increase the functionality of your unused or unfinished space. We take into account the dimensions needed for a completely functional gym and go above and beyond to deliver results. A gym installed by our professional team offers usable space for you to take advantage of and value associated with the overall property.

Unfinished Spaces

If you are looking at your unfinished basement wondering what to do, there are a few options that make sense. Our industry professionals are here to help assess the needs of your individual household, offer suggestions for renovations and complete the job with proficiency. We go above and beyond to deliver unparalleled results for clients needing a repurposing of their unfinished space. The following options are popular choices that our clients tend to gravitate towards! Wet bars add great entertaining spaces, wine cellar, laundry rooms, and even the allocation of play space for children. See your unfinished basement be altered to fit the design and function needed by you with the help of our team.


Changing the layout of your basement can completely alter the functionality of your space. We help homeowners and businesses reimagine the uses possible for their basement with the reallocation of walls, doors, and the redesign of their space. For years we have proudly served our Ontario clients, leaving community members with useful and beautiful spaces to enjoy. See what your basement can offer you with the help of General Contracting & Renovations.


Basement Renovations

Turning your new or renovated basements into livable space is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to boost your home’s useful square footage. The basement renovations increase the overall value of your home. It is cheaper to complete low-end improvements, such as upgrading a finished basement space. But if you are converting an unfinished cellar into livable space, then the cost may be high. This improvement is less expensive compared to building a whole home addition. You’ll receive about 70 percent of the renovation cost when you sell the property.

The unused cellar space in your house can be turned into any kind of room. The ideas for basement renovations may range from a wide-open floor plan to individualized spaces such as home office, bedroom, and kid’s play area. For subterranean renovations, when a wall is raised, so does the renovation cost. Adding a bathroom to the cellar may push the price even higher.

Unfinished basements offer opportunities that don’t practically exist in the completed rooms. They have open walls that have not yet been drywalled; thus, it is easy to install video and audio cables from home entertainment or security systems. This option makes installing a home theater in the cellar cheaper. You can also add high-speed internet cables and wiring for your home study or office without any hassle.

What should a basement have?

Whatever is included in your basement renovations depends on the home and your needs. We are all about the customization of our basements, but we should consider a few things. To allow natural light in, you should add a window to this space. The window will brighten up the room and allow for air circulation. You should also look to finish the cellar as most are underutilized because, in most homes, they are not finished. If your basement renovation ideas entail, you spending most of your time there, then you should think of including a bathroom. Lastly, you have to take care of the flooring and heating in the cellar.

Fire safety

Whether you will turn the basement into a game room or a home theater, the international residential code for both new and renovated basements requires that they must have a fire escape. The exit system should meet the requirements for the escape route in the event of an emergency. Adding a large window may be completed as an advanced DIY, or you can involve a general contractor. The results will improve the comfort and safety of your subterranean living space.

Choosing the flooring

The traditional guidelines for flooring are not applicable in the basements, because almost all cellar floors are located “below grade,” below the soil level. Therefore, the lower the floor below the grade, the more moist the floor will be. In case the ground is very moist, then you should avoid using any type of wood on the floor as they can soak and expand, cup or buckle over time. The most suitable flooring materials for your basement renovation ideas would be vinyl tiles, carpeting, laminate, ceramic tile, and sheet vinyl.

Another downside to this subterranean cellar is the cold and moisture factors due to the surrounding ground. Basements tend to be great during summers and unbearable during winters. The possible solution for this problem will be to either add floor heating system or a fireplace. You can add a gas fireplace or wood fireplace. The fireplace will depend on the masonry work on the outdoor chimney and inside for the mantle and hearth. Another option is to ensure there is heating via the HVAC system. If unsure of what to use for heating, you can consult a general contractor for advice. Once the finished basement is well-heated, then you upgrade it to a room that will complement your living space.

The Game Room

Whether you are looking for a spot for your kids to play in the house or a space to hang out with your friends, then the cellar is an excellent choice for a game room. You can include a centerpiece such as a ping-pong table or billiard table and then build the room around it. You can include other games such as foosball, dart, video gaming, and air hockey.

You can also make the cellar exclusive playing areas for your kids, especially during the winter. This playing room will provide safety and secure the happiness of your children. This playing area in the cellar for your children will help you achieve the organization that you had desired in your entire living space. Make sure to preserve a lot of space in the finished basement, as you can never underestimate how much space you will require for storage or activities.

Music Room

The versatility of basements makes them spaces that can be designed for music and other associated activities such as a studio. If you play an instrument and love to jam, then you can convert your renovated basement to a music room to keep the noise from spreading to the rest of the house or neighborhood. You can install a sound dampener and proper insulation to make the music room sound absorbent. With such finishing, you can host a rock band without having to worry about the noise.

The home theater

Being that your cellar may be partially or wholly located below the ground, then it tends to be dark and silent. What else do you need for a theater? Yes, right, a place where you can watch a movie without the sun's glare or noise. In that case, this underground movie room is an ideal spot for cuddling up on the couch and enjoy a movie. Creating this home theater in a renovated cellar is easy.

Get an ideal TV and mount it strategically to focus the room around it. Then you can surround the TV with comfortable couches or recliners to make your family-styled theater. Now you can consider adding surround sound. The sound system may be a bit of an investment, but once in, it will be essentially hard to go back on this setup.

A Second Suite

If you intend to cash out additional revenue, then you can upgrade the cellar to a second suite. Traditionally referred to as an in-law suite, is a perfect option for your basements. To create the suite, you will need to adhere to your state or municipal by-laws strictly. First, you will need to ensure that your have the right electrical wiring and plumbing. Additionally, the in-law suite will include a kitchenette, a living space, bedroom, and a full three-piece bathroom.

The in-law suite is a great financial opportunity for paying your debt or supplementing your income. If you need a second suite, always contact a general contractor, as they tend to know their way around these second suite and laws governing their creation.

Basements, whether new or renovate, are expressions of your home’s personality. You can transform your basements into a perfect space for your needs. Other than the options above, you can also convert your cellar to a mini library, personal office, an indoor bar. You may be wondering; where do I start? How much is this venture? No matter what kind of renovation you want, your renovation company will always help you achieve this. Sit down with your renovation specialist and lay down your plan. Remember to express your ideas of the walls, lighting, heating, and safety. Then sit back and watch your cellar transformed into a living space of your dream.

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